Which of the following Federal organizations is most likely to provide assistance regarding the safety of livestock feed in a federally declared disaster?

Possible Answers:

  1. Federal Emergency Management Agency
  2. Environmental Protection Agency
  3. Food and Drug Administration
  4. Department of Agriculture

The Correct Answer:

D. Department of Agriculture Federal organizations are most likely to provide assistance regarding livestock feed safety in a federally declared disaster.


The department of agriculture is representative of the Federal level animal care providers.  It is responsible for regulating the state, tribal, and Federal health programs specifically designed for animal care.

The department of agriculture has country-based expertise, which provides the resources to extend disaster and animal care education. The factors that are taken into consideration are listed down below:

  • Prevention of disaster, response, and mitigation.
  • Fire safety training
  • Safety of pesticides and handling them properly.
  • Counseling related to livestock farming, family and personal stress, waste management, financial planning, building construction safety, consumer economics, and small businesses.

They monitor, evaluate and measure the emergency incident impact on natural disasters. They also provide Logistic and Technical assistance to make a recovery. There also responsible for gathering and assessing knowledge through the email network around the country. The department also has a vital role in the burial process of the animals.

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