The best disaster preparedness starts at which level?

Possible Answers:

  1. Federal
  2. Personal
  3. Local
  4. State

The Correct Answer:

B. The best disaster preparedness starts at which level of Personal.


The federal emergency management agency’s comprehensive preparedness guide provides explanatory guidance to local tribal, territorial, and state governments about preventing, making plans, protecting recovery, and responding to an incident.

The local law is responsible for providing a detailed overview of all the duties and what kind of organizations are responsible for handling them. The purpose of the plan asks for a certain amount of questions that help solve the doubts of the organizations but will also help make a very accurate plan. A few of the factors are listed down below:

  • Which organization is responsible for commanding
  • What is the availability of an emergency operation center
  • What type of communication must be taken and under what kind of  circumstances
  • What are the potential hazards in a particular area
  • Standard operating procedure for response
  • What is the functioning of the emergency organization?

 Apart from the above questions, the best kind of disaster preparedness start at the personal level. Another main objective of the Federal emergency management agency is to provide knowledge, information,   and awareness among the people related to the natural disaster by using the internet, social networking platforms, newspapers, radios, etc.

The general public should also know the appropriate organizations that they should contact to plan and perform a rescue mission. They should also have the knowledge about whom to contact in what situation and what are the emergency numbers of their area.

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