Plans should respect the concerns of people who do not wish to be exposed to animals

Possible Answers:

  1. True
  2. False

The Correct Answer:

True, Plans should respect the concerns of people who do not wish to be exposed to animals.


The animal care communities and emergency management officials are responsible for working together to define the plans. These plans are for service animals, household pets, and their owners. These organizations should keep certain factors in mind before making a plan. These are listed down below:

  • They should respect the concerns of the animal owners
  • They should respect those concerned who dislike the animals or do not own them.
  • Most people have psychological reasons to maintain a distance between themselves and the animals, so these organizations must respect their concerns.
  • They should limit the exposure to an individual who has a problem with allergies and has an animal phobia.

Apart from the above factors, the organization must maintain hygiene in the shelters so the animals can’t be affected. The organization should also share the emergency plans with others and collaborate with the pet owners to perform the rescue mission safely. This will not only help in sharing the expertise or the resources, but it will ensure that the disaster response is hundred percent successful.

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