Creating brochures is expensive and NOT recommended as a way to inform the community about the emergency operations plan.

Possible Answers:

  1. True
  2. False

The Correct Answer:

False, Creating brochures is expensive and NOT recommended to inform the community about the emergency operations plan.


Information plays a vital role during an emergency. Even if you have a specific idea about upcoming disasters, like a Hurricane or a flood ( through the weather reports in news channels,  radios, or social networking platforms), it can significantly impact protecting yourself and rescuing the people nearby you.

The rescue mission becomes much more effective and efficient when you know about the resources that can be used to save people’s lives. So we cannot say that the information does not play any role in disaster situations.

The federal emergency management agency’s primary role is to keep the people aware of upcoming disasters and help them in the rescue mission during and after the disaster. When there is a disaster, they are responsible for informing the communities and the people regarding how they can execute the rescue missions and can read the warning signs.

Delivering coordinated and reliable information to the community is very important with the help of an accessible, consistent, and straightforward method. This is very important because it will help to rely on the information effectively and the appropriate actions the communities would take.

There are several options to facilitate communication among the communities n, for example, social networking platforms, newspapers, Brochures,  campaigns,  and other awareness tools.

Printing and distributing Brochures in the locality so that the public could get the information is very important,  instead of thinking of it as a costly option. If the agency doesn’t have many funds to invest in brochure printing, they can go to other options like social networking platforms, which are very common nowadays.

But the people who do not use any social networking platforms, then the brochure can be a lifesaver for them. The statement that creating Brochures is expensive and not recommended as a way to inform the community about the emergency operation plan is entirely false because the management will do everything that will help the people.

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