Animals that have been exposed to hazardous materials present no danger to people.

Possible Answers:

  1. True
  2. False

The Correct Answer:

False. Animals that have been exposed to hazardous materials present danger to people.


Rescuing animals during a disaster has always been a debate among all organizations. The reason is that they have a very high chance of being exposed to hazardous materials and a very high probability that a pet is out of control.

In many disasters, a rescue mission requires appropriate planning, warning, operational coordination, community resilience,   critical transportation, facility Management Services, hospitality, etc.; hazardous materials generally spill and contaminate living and nonliving organisms nearby.

High chances of pets being exposed to dangerous chemicals are very natural in such situations. On top of that, rescuing this kind of pet can also be a significant concern because it will potentially impact the rescuer as it can’t be touched with bare hands. That is why it’s essential to use protective clothing before contacting any pet during a hazardous situation.

If any pet has come in connection with the dangerous materials, there is a very high chance that it may also impact other human beings. The pets have a very high chance of biting other people even after the rescue due to the neurological and physical impact of the hazardous chemical. Due to this, it has also become crucial to maintain proper care for these animals and leave them in a very secure environment until and unless they have retrieved their normal health.

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