FEMA IS-11.A: Animals in Disasters: Community Planning – Questions and Answers

The Federal emergency management agency is one of the United States agencies whose primary mission is to help people during any natural disaster. They are solely responsible for preparing the people and warning them about natural disasters and how they can cope with the situation.

Whenever any disaster occurs throughout the Nation, the management agency is the first to reach there in order to help the citizens during and after the disaster. This is a management community with over 20 thousand people all around the country and ten regional offices.

The federal agency generally launches certain courses to make awareness of the situations regarding the disaster and how they can protect themselves. I.S 11. A, commonly known as animals in disaster community planning, is one of the courses the FEMA organization launched in 2015.

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The Aim

The main aim of this course is to inform people about meaningful and effective plans that will be responsible for improving animal care. The main target audience of this course is the pet owners and animal care industries. According to the statistics, most pet owners and animal care Industries leave their animals in disaster situations.

The owners do not make any plans to rescue their pets and leave them behind in natural disasters or accidents. That is why it has become essential for the management agency to launch courses to help pet owners and animal care industries take the proper initiative in preventing and rescuing their animals.

The main objective is to make the information accessible to everyone who will help to manage the animals during hazardous or emergencies. This will not only help in minimizing the impact of disasters on the animals, but it will also help in avoiding the communities regarding the resources that are available to do the same.

Furthermore, this course focuses on developing a community that supports the animals during a disaster and prepares or trains them to protect themselves.

The course’s length is around 4 hours, and all the material related to it is available online. So, you don’t have to register with the student id to download the course. If you cannot concentrate on the digital screen for a long time, we will always recommend you take a printout.

The material is printable, and you can quickly go through them in the comfort of your own house.

The Test

At the end of every course, there is a test that you must take. The direct link is available on the same screen from where you have downloaded the course, but this time you will have to register with your student id. Moreover, we will always recommend you go through the terms and conditions because there are plenty of them.

Ensure you have read them properly because they may be related to your private information and directly linked with government organizations. When you are done with the guidelines, tick on the terms and conditions and take the test.


Federal emergency management agency regularly launches specific courses that help people execute rescue plans during a disaster and encourage people to help animals and other peoples in such a situation. I.S 11.A or Animals in disasters: community planning is one such course that has been released by this organization, which has a total length of around four hours.

As the name suggests, this course’s main objective is to inform and educate people about how to rescue their animals during a disaster. It also promotes educating the other community people on the available resources to make the recovery processes more accessible.

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