Which of the following are typical incident facilities?

Possible answers:

  1. Point-of-distribution sites
  2. Camps
  3. Incident Command Post
  4. All of the Above

The Correct Answer:

C. The typical incident facilities are Point-of-distribution sites, Camps, and Incident Command posts.


The incident facilities can be defined as the facilities provided in an incident area. Unified command, EOC director, or incident commander are responsible for establishing the incident support facilities. The command post is always shared by the government organization and the private sector, so communication and planning become easier, as one incident area will only have one command post.

The incident facilities need a solid reason to accommodate them. Due to this, these facilities are generally identified. They are precisely located, and this depends entirely on the requirements of the incident or situation. Complexity and size are also responsible for influencing these facilities and locations. The location where the functioning of primary logistics occurs is known as the incident base. Every incident will have one incident base to avoid confusion.

A few of the facilities that come under the incident facilities are listed down below:

  • Staging areas Incident Command Post (ICP)
  • Incident base
  • Mass casualty triage areas
  • Emergency shelters. 
  • Camps
  • Points-of-distribution

The Incident command post or ICP is the central location for any scene incident management and command. This facility is generally located near the incident site and is considered the leading center for managing tactical operations. General staff, command staff, and incident commanders play a vital role in this facility. Still, their role is not restricted to only this. It can be changed according to the situation. For example, the people operating at this position can also be transferred to public information officers, finance, or liaison officer sector. Communication and planning within a team are also coordinated with the help of this facility. Sometimes, this post can be located far away from the scene, in a corporate headquarters. The command post is generally established when it is required to collect, gather, direct and coordinate all the incident operations. There will be only one single command post for every incident. The main functioning area is listed down below:

  • Communications
  • Accessibility
  • Site Supports

Camps is another incident facility, but this is separated from the incident base. These are located as the “satellite” to support the incident operations. They are responsible for sanitation, facilitating the sleeping areas, and food. They can also offer equipment servicing and minor maintenance in a few cases.

Point of distribution is the incident facility placed in multiple locations to help the affected areas. This is the most critical incident facility and has a job in managing communication after the disaster. Initially, this facility is provided where the citizens can sustain life’s emergency relief supplies until the power is restored. The main job of this facility are listed down below:

  • Must have two palette jackets and one forklift so that the offloading of the supplies can be immediately performed.
  • Should have barricades, signage, and cones.
  • Must have pop-up canopies and portable light sets
  • Warming or cooling stations for the volunteers.
  • Portable toilets and handwashing stations
  • Backup power
  • Flashlights
  • Safety vests
  • Devices for internal as well as external communication

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