Which General Staff member directs all responses and tactical actions to achieve the incident objectives?

Possible Answers:

  1. Planning Section Chief
  2. Operations Section Chief
  3. Tactics Section Chief
  4. Operations Division Director

The Correct Answer:

B. Operations Section Chief directs all responses and tactical actions to achieve the incident objectives


The operation section chief’s primary duty is to implement and develop the tactics and strategy that will help in accomplishing the objectives of the incident. The operations section chief is responsible for supervising, assigning, as well as organizing the response resources that have been assigned to the incident. The staging area is also established in several incidents, whose central command is given to the operations section chief. The logistic section chief generally assists the operation section chief and the incident commander in facilitating the resources and fulfilling the requirement of services to support the incident activities.

If any additional staffing is required, then it is also accomplished by the operation section chief. They are responsible for handling and performing all the operations functions in the incident area and work according to the goals of incidents. The significant departments are the operation section, logistics section, finance and administration section, and planning section.


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If the Incident Commander designates personnel to provide public information, safety, and liaison services, the personnel are collectively referred to as which of the following?

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