The Incident Command System (ICS) Is Only Applicable To Large, Complex Incidents.

Possible Answers:

  1. True
  2. False

The Correct Answer:

The statement “The Incident Command System (ICS) Is Only Applicable To Large, Complex Incidents” is False.


The Incident Command System (ICS) is relevant to all departments and situations as long as they’re based around emergency management and response. Keep in mind that some aspects of the system may be enlarged or contracted when the incident complexity changes. Its application in any field, such as the private industry sector or government organization, is determined by its size and complexity.

Sometimes small-scale incidents can affect organizations drastically. Hence, everyone has the right to be prepared by incorporating ICS into their management.

During an emergency, every organization will undoubtedly have the following problems:

  • There are too many individuals reporting to one person
  • Far too many bosses, confusing the hierarchy
  • The daily organizational structure is incapable of adapting to the demands of emergency reactions
  • Not clear with what short-term objectives were
  • There is no collaboration with local, state, and federal authorities and other local enterprises

The same is also followed by concerns that arise while solving the emergency:

  • Lack of standard terms
  • No adequate or functional command mechanism
  • Inadequate mechanisms for properly distributing resources
  • Poorly defined disaster response methods – having no established rules

By implementing the Incident Command System framework, the issues mentioned above can be easily avoided. The Incident Command System is a versatile structure designed to ensure effective communication and management during and from minor to significant disasters.

Each incident is of different intensity, and there are no standard guidelines for each case. It is up to the Incident Commander to design the best combination appropriate for the incident’s size and scope. Becoming able to expertly integrate the aspects of command, structure, and problem-solving is part of being a competent Incident Commander.

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