Major activities of the planning section include:

Possible Answers:

  1. Compensating for injury or damage to property.
  2. Setting up and maintaining incident facilities.
  3. Preparing and documenting Incident Action Plans.
  4. Providing technology to ensure efficient incident communications.

The Correct Answer:

C. Major activities of the planning section include: Preparing and documenting Incident Action Plans


The planning section of the Incident Command System (ICS) is responsible for collecting, evaluating, as well as disseminating the operating information about any incident or occurrence. The Planning Section records everything that has occurred during the event and projects. It is also responsible for predicting the possibilities in the future. The Planning Section ensures that respondents have more up-to-date data and allows necessary items such as floor plans and maps.

The Planning Method keeps on enhancing and gets better when regions of operations are separated into reasonable geographic parts for planned reasons, with a detailed explanation. The strategies and supplies for every planning department are then decided, as well as the planned unit is subsequently integrated using time frame rules. The required advice is provided by the Incident Action Plan (IAP).

The Incident Action Planning process would not be completed without the involvement of the Planning Section Chief, whose main work is to organize the briefing sessions, give critical advice on achieving the targets, and foresees future requirements. The Planning Section Chief is a management team member responsible for setting event goals and tactics for the allotted operating stage. A few of the critical tasks of the Planning Division are listed down below:

  • The main task is to prepare and document the incident action plans.
  • Responsible for tracking the resources that have been assigned to the incident.
  • Maintaining suitable awareness as well as managing information of the incidents.
  • Plays a critical role in developing the plans for demobilization.

Developing and keeping event paperwork is crucial, and it involves accuracy in the depiction of facts and statistics. The Planning Section develops the IAP, after taking the input from the Operational Segment,  and the Safety Officer. This is very necessary to create an efficient incident mitigation and recovery plan.


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