Establishment of the ICS modular organization is the responsibility of which of the following:

Possible Answers:

  1. Logistics Section
  2. Operations Section
  3. Local Authorities
  4. Incident Commander

The Correct Answer:

D. The establishment of the ICS modular organization is the responsibility of the incident commander.


The incident command system follows an organizational structure. It is usually developed based on the size and complexity of the incident. It is designed modularly, which signifies the incident’s complexity and hazardous environment. It can be modulated or modified according to the incident. Sometimes, a separate functional element is made and subdivided to enhance internal organizational management and external coordination.

The primary responsibility for the expansion and the establishment of the incident command system modular organization structure is the incident commander. Whenever the complexity of the incident increases, the organization of the incident command system starts expanding because the responsibilities also get boosted. The management positions also get increased if the requirements of the incident increases.


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