Which is an example of good flood preparedness?

Possible Answers:

  1. Replenish emergency building materials such as sandbags, plywood, and lumber.
  2. Before entering a building or barn, check for structural damage
  3. Assume all livestock will stay on your property if you have to leave
  4. Have a single evacuation route planned so there will be no confusion

The Correct Answer:

A. Replenishing emergency building materials such as sandbags, plywood, and lumber is an example of good flood preparedness.


Flood is one of the most natural disasters in the areas in the United States. Most of the farm is in floodplains, which have a very high chance of impacting the lives of pets and owners. Floods have been categorized into slow and fast-rising. The fast-rising is much more dangerous, and the combination of heavy rain, levee failure, and melting snow can enhance the impact. People living in an area with a higher tendency of getting affected by a flood should regularly check the news channels and radio news. This will help them to get informed about the possibilities by which they can make an evacuation plan.

Stockpiling the food and emergency building materials like sheeting and plastic is most important for the owners. It is also imperative that when the flood is over, they check the structure of the building and hire professional help or Civil Engineers for the renovation. Any damage to the building can be dangerous; it becomes very important to check before entering the building.

Furthermore, the evacuation route is recommended by the agencies because it helps them to have multiple options during the evacuation. The replenishment of emergency building materials such as sandbags, plywood, and lumber is a good example of good flood preparedness because it will help maintain the structural strength of the building. Once the flood is over, the family will not have to look for any other place to live and can return to the site safely.

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